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As a partner of all the people hoping for good health,

We aim to become a health care solution company that is unique worldwide.

In the field of healthcare, there is a wide range of products and services supported by a great deal of technologies and know-how. Therefore, using the cooperation of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group and alliances with outside companies to move forward, Life Science Institute, Inc. will aggressively develop its businesses to create new added value with a sense of speed and to maintain a high level of competitiveness.

We offer a wide variety of solutions in three domains.

Life Science Institute, Inc. will promote business in three healthcare domains: health and medical ICT business, next generation healthcare, and drug discovery solutions. By offering diverse solutions to people hoping for good health, such as a solution to meet patients’ unmet medical needs, we aim to realize a KAITEKI society in which people can lead healthy and comfortable lives.

  • Health and Medical ICT

    While linking clinical testing, diagnostic reagents / diagnostic instruments, and health checkups together with “Jibunkarada ClubTM,” we will create a growth business by utilizing ICT.

  • Drug Discovery Solutions

    While combining pharmaceutical-related businesses (active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates, manufacture of capsules and others) and the drug discovery support businesses (non-clinical studies, clinical studies), we will provide a one-stop service with high added value to pharmaceutical companies through alliances with other institutions.

  • Next Generation Healthcare

    We aim to resolve unmet medical needs by providing next-generation medical care, including regenerative medicine, to patients with diseases that are difficult to cure completely with current technologies.

We offer a wide variety of solutions in three domains.

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