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Life Science Institute,Inc.

Life Science Institute, Inc.
Life Science Institute, Inc. is a holding company under which LSI Medience Corporation, API Corporation, Qualicaps Co., Ltd. and Healthy Life Compass Corporation operate. The holding company formulates business strategies and distributes resources for the appropriate management of the four companies, aiming to realize a KAITEKI society by providing a range of solutions, including sick care, healthcare and life care solutions.

The company will strengthen and expand the four companies' existing healthcare-related businesses, and work to realize even greater synergy within the MCHC Group. At the same time, it will work aggressively to form alliance with outside companies and organizations to develop further and varied innovations in the healthcare field. These efforts will focus on creating and expanding profitable new businesses.

LSI Medience Corporation

Clinical testing (biochemical, hematological, immunological, microbiological, genetic, pathological tests, etc.); preventive medicine-related services; medical care-related services; development/manufacture/sale and export/import of in vitro diagnostic instruments/reagents, etc.; new pharmaceutical development support services (support for pharmaceutical product searches, non-clinical tests, clinical tests); drug efficacy/toxicity assessments with human cells; biomarker measurements and analyses; safety assessment/environmental impact assessment services for pharmaceuticals/pesticides/chemicals/food additives/cosmetics, etc.; food safety support; doping tests [In 1985, the Doping Control Laboratory of Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation (formerly Mitsubishi Kagaku Bio-Clinical Laboratories, Inc.) became the first Asian laboratory to receive official certification as a doping test facility, and is currently the only laboratory in Japan certified by the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA).]

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API Corporation

Contract manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients/intermediates using biotechnologies such as microbial culture/fermentation/bioconversion, organic synthesis techniques, or those fusions of such techniques; contract research and development from searching out synthesis routes for pharmaceuticals; industrialization feasibility research, pilot manufacture, and commercial production; development/manufacture/sale of intermediates for pharmaceuticals and generic drugs for pharmaceutical companies

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Superior Hard Gelatin & HPMC Capsules, High-quality Pharmaceutical Preparative Equipment

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Healthy Life Compass Corporation

Mainly providing self-health check services for individual customers at drug stores, and providing the same services to health-related businesses

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Life Science Institute,Inc.
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