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Basic Policy

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At the Life Science Institute, Inc. (LSII) Group, we interpret the meaning of "compliance" in a broad sense to encompass adherence to social rules (including corporate ethics) in addition to laws and regulations. At the LSII Group, we remain aware of corporate social responsibilities and engage in compliance initiatives to gain the trust of society, meet stakeholder expectations and respond to society's expectations with sincerity.

Compliance Promotion Structure

At the LSII Group, we practice daily compliance according to the following structure and initiatives.

Chief Compliance Officer

The CCO is appointed upon a resolution by the LSII Board of Directors in order to supervise the Compliance Promotion Program at LSII and provide the appropriate guidance and supervision over compliance at Group companies.

LSII Compliance Promotion Committee

The LSII Compliance Promotion Committee discusses the following items related to compliance promotion at the LSII Group, offering suggestions and advice to the CCO as necessary.

  1. Basic policy of the LSII Group Compliance Promotion Program's services and operations
  2. Operating status of the LSII Group Compliance Promotion Program
  3. Company response to compliance violations occurring at the LSII Group (correction, measures to prevent recurrences)
  4. Establishment, revision and abolition of regulations necessary for compliance promotion at the LSII Group
  5. Other important matters related to compliance promotion at the LSII Group

Compliance Manager

This Officer carries out the following functions under the direction and supervision of the CCO.

  1. Execution and promotion of compliance in their own division
  2. Appropriate direction when a compliance violation has or could occur in their own department (including correction, ascertaining the cause and implementing measures to prevent recurrences)
  3. Reporting all of the above to the CCO

Compliance Promoter

This Manager provides compliance education and consultation for staff members.

Organization chart

Training and education

To practice good compliance, we believe it is important to enhance our awareness of compliance every day. For this reason, we strive to proactively participate in lectures and training programs organized by the company.

2019 Performance

Training Program Organizer Applicable Parties
MCHC Group Compliance Speech MCHC Internal Control Office MCHC Group Executive Managers
LSII Group Internal Control Training
(Section Chief Training)
LSII Internal Control Department LSII Group Section Chiefs
LSII Group Compliance Self Training LSII Internal Control Department LSII Group (all employees)
LSII Compliance Administrator Training LSII Internal Control Department LSII Administrators (Excluding Division Chiefs)
LSII Compliance Promoter Training LSII Internal Control Department LSII Compliance Promoter
LSII New Hire Training (Compliance Training) LSII General Affairs & Human Resources Department (Internal Control Department) LSII new assignees