KAITEKI Value for Tomorrow

Quality Policy

Based on its management principle, the Life Science Institute Group aims to achieve “KAITEKI” in a society in which people lead healthy and comfortable lives with the stable supply of the most advanced and high-quality products and services in order to contribute to people around the world in the spheres of health and medical care.

Action Guidelines

Each and every one of us, as a member of the Life Science Institute Group, will act in accordance with the following guidelines to realize KAITEKI.

  1. We will put quality first in all activities
  2. We will give the highest priority to the safety of patients and customers.
  3. We will provide solutions and products with quality backed by scientific evidence and constantly pursue cutting-edge technology and expertise.
  4. We will construct and continuously improve quality management systems that comply with laws, regulations and standards around the world.
  5. We will properly implement corrective actions and preventive actions (CAPA)

Seiichi KisoPresident & Chief Executive Officer

Life Science Institute, Inc.

June 6, 2019