KAITEKI Value for Tomorrow

Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct

Life Science Institute, Inc. (LSII)
Management Philosophy (the Principles of LSII)

The Principles of LSII govern how Life Science Institute, Inc. (LSII) contributes to society, forming the core of our business operations as general rules perpetuated by every employee.


Including sick care, health care, and life care, our mission is to provide cutting-edge, high-quality solutions that contribute to the health of as many individuals as possible.
With regard to our customers, society, the environment, and our own company members, we provide solutions that excite all of our stakeholders and inspire them to share LSII with the world.


LSII aims to become a global leader in healthcare solutions.


We provide reliable, high-quality healthcare solutions.
We conduct timely operations to provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions.
We operate with a cost-conscious mindset, enabling us to maintain high-quality business management at fair prices.

Charter of Corporate Behavior

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