KAITEKI Value for Tomorrow


A Partner for Those Who Wish to Lead Healthy Lives

LSII aims to become a unique healthcare solution provider. LSII aims to become a unique healthcare solution provider.

We recognize that many healthcare products and services are available based on a wide range of technologies and expertise.

Therefore, LSII takes advantage of proactive collaborations within the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group and its distinctive business framework named the Open Shared Business (OSB*1) with outside organizations to actively develop new businesses that offer increased value and competitiveness.

*1 Open Shared Business (OSB): OSB is the original framework of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (MCHC) for working with organizations outside MCHC. We promote collaboration in the R&D distinctive value chain using the OSB framework. OSB: MCHC registered trademark No. 5585432.

LSII provides an extensive line-up of healthcare solutions through three business domains

LSII is developing three business domains in the healthcare field: (1) Next-generation Healthcare, (2) Healthcare/Medical Information & Communication Technology (ICT), and (3) Pharmaceutical Development Solutions that can respond to unmet medical needs*2 for patients and those who wish to lead healthier lives. Through these domains, LSII aims to realize a society where everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy and peaceful life – KAITEKI.

*2 Unmet medical needs: Conditions for which there are currently no satisfactory diagnosis, prevention, or treatment methods available.