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Development Solutions

How LSII Will Contribute to the Future of Society

Pharmaceutical products are essential for the treatment of disease. We are accelerating efficient, high-quality pharmaceutical development by manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical ingredients*1 and intermediates*2 that support high-quality pharmaceutical products.

*1 Pharmaceutical ingredients: Active pharmaceutical ingredients in medicines
*2 Intermediates: Products falling between raw ingredients and fully-formed medications that are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Expectations for Pharmaceutical Development Solutions

Japan is home to several hundred companies engaged in pharmaceutical development solutions, including manufacturers of active ingredients and intermediates for pharmaceutical products. Demand in Japan is stable, but drug price control and other factors drive severe price competition year after year, requiring companies to differentiate themselves by displaying their technological capabilities.

The development of pharmaceuticals is shifting from low molecular-weight compounds to pharmacologically active substances*3 and biologics*4. Pharmaceutical companies must also pursue technical innovations for pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical product intermediates, as well as biologics. Research to discover even more efficient compounds and more complex intermediates is in progress.

The current business environment requires that we enhance our ability to provide solutions for new pharmaceutical product development.

*3 Pharmacologically active substances: Medications with powerful efficacy on the human body in small quantities, including steroids and carcinostatic agents or poisonous substances
*4 Biologics: Pharmaceutical products manufactured, extracted, or semi-synthesized using agents derived from proteins or living organisms

LSII Initiatives

LSII supports more efficient, higher-quality development of pharmaceuticals. We will continue to provide high-quality, unique pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates offered by the API Corporation, an LSII Group company.

LSII also responds to advanced needs by synergistically combining the expertise of the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation with the technologies of the API Corporation within the MCHC Group.