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Medical Information &
Communication Technology

How LSII Will Contribute to the Future of Society

A common challenge of longevity in society is how to increase healthy life expectancy while also improving the quality of life*1. We must also resolve social issues, including increasing medical costs, maldistribution, and disparities in regional medical care. LSII will offer new options to society with new medical solutions leveraging digital technologies.

*1 Quality of life: The ability to live a fulfilling life with optimum levels of physical, mental, emotional, and social health

The Potential Offered by Healthcare/Medical Information & Communication Technology

A social security system including adequate medical care is essential for longer, healthier lives. This system should provide all individuals the necessary health and medical care, regardless of where they live.

ICT*2 systems that connect patients and doctors have been highlighted as a tool to solve these problems. These systems provide integrated online networks that can easily link electronic medical records and support analysis and diagnostics through a common interface. Recently, remote diagnosis and remote medicine have become technically available wherever patients and physicians are located.

The implementation of activities to raise health awareness with information management services using PHR*3 is actively ongoing. This allows people to understand their own health conditions and to notice signs of illness as soon as possible before the onset of disease.

*2 ICT: Information and Communication Technology
*3 Personal Health Record (PHR): Individual health data collected and stored at medical facilities and pharmacies

LSII Initiatives

LSII is currently developing diagnostic support systems and other systems that can be used for medical practice related to cognitive impairment with advanced ICTs such as artificial intelligence. For example, in fields that conventionally rely on a doctor's experience, everyone can access better medical care by using digital systems that maintain objectivity. We believe technology plays a role in creating a society that offers true health and a peaceful life.

We will use the Open Shared Business (OSB)*4 framework to propose new value founded in our expertise in the healthcare field, contributing to the medical treatment required by society in the future.

*4 Open Shared Business (OSB): OSB is the original framework of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (MCHC) for working with organizations outside MCHC. We promote collaboration in the R&D distinctive value chain using the OSB framework. OSB: MCHC registered trademark No. 5585432.

Alliances with Group Corporations and Research Institutes

LSII aims to create original products and services by connecting academia in healthcare with state-of-the-art ICT held by venture companies.

Partner Companies and Institutes

We are currently developing a new cognitive testing system for medical professionals based on the CogEvo® used as a cognitive training and checking tool.

We are also working on other themes with multiple academia and companies through the Open Shared Business (OSB) framework.