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Corporate Governance

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

As the pure holding company of the Life Science Institute Group (LSII Group), LSII fulfils the portfolio management function of the Group and promotes policies that include the deepening of Group management and the allocation of management resources, allowing the Group to grow and leap ahead. Further, in its role overseeing the management of the LSII Group, LSII strives to ensure decision-making and the efficient and timely execution of operations in management, and also works to clarify management responsibility as well as enhance compliance and risk management.

The Rights and Roles of Each Organization

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, in conformity with the regulations of the Board of Directors and other relevant rules and regulations, makes decisions on important MCHC and Group management matters and oversees the activities of directors. In principle, the Board meets once per month. Directors serve for one year to ensure that management is flexible and that director responsibilities and roles are clear.

Management Committee

The Management Committee assists the President in decision making, and its discussion of important matters concerning the management of LSII and the Group forms the basis for the President's decisions.

The Committee deliberates on such matters as management policies and plans as well as allocation of resources, capital investment, investment and financing, and operations.

The Committee usually gathers twice a month. The President, executive officers, and executive representatives of core operating companies attend the meetings. Corporate Auditors also attend as occasion demands.

Statutory Auditors and Board of Corporate Auditors

Statutory auditors and the Board of Corporate Auditors audit LSII. Auditors attend meetings of the Board of Directors, receive regular reports on the provision and implementation of internal control systems

Governance System

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