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Message from the President

President & Chief Executive Officer Seiichi Kiso

Life Science Institute, Inc. (LSII) was established on April 1, 2014 with a view to enhancing and expanding the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) Group’s healthcare businesses. API Corporation, a MCHC Group company related to healthcare is now operating under the umbrella of the LSII.

As society is experiencing an aging of the population and a decline in the birthrate, curbing medical expenses has become a social and political issue that demands solutions. LSII believes that the realization of a society in which people can live to old age in good health should be a convincing solution to anybody and represent a description of a desirable society. To this end, it is necessary to prevent diseases or detect them at earlier stages before the disease become severe, in addition to providing efficient medical care while easing the burden on a patient. LSII will offer comprehensive healthcare solutions to achieve a society in which people can stay in good health, serving as a partner for all the people with and without illness hoping for good health. More specifically, we will step up our efforts and develop new markets in the following areas; pharmaceutical development and manufacturing support business (manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients), health and medical ICT business (health self-checks, remote and in-home medicine), the advanced medication business (regenerative medicine).

In expanding businesses, while remaining competitive in our core business domains, we will foster alliances and innovation based on our open shared business (OSB) strategy, designed to promote collaboration at R&D and business levels with other companies that have areas of specialty or unique technologies. We also aim to generate greater synergies from collaboration with an affiliated company and other MCHC Group companies, and form strategic alliances with companies outside the Group, thereby creating new added value with a sense of urgency and maintaining a high level of competitiveness.

As a partner of all the people, LSII aims to realize a KAITEKI society by making a contribution to people’s quality of life (QOL) and helping create a society in which people can lead healthy and comfortable lives.

President & Chief Executive Officer
Seiichi Kiso

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