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Personal Information Protection Policy

Life Science Institute, Inc. (hereafter “LSII”) provides cutting-edge, high-quality sick care, healthcare and life care solutions that contribute to the health of a wide range of people. To realize our mission, we acquire and use information on individuals (hereafter “Personal Information”), including our shareholders and business partners. LSII recognizes that the proper protection of Personal Information handled in the course of our business is a serious responsibility. Based on the philosophy of respecting each and every individual, we handle Personal Information based on the following policy to fulfill this responsibility.

Purpose of Use

LSII will acquire and use Personal Information in an appropriate manner within the scope of our business. LSII will take measures to ensure that, in principle, Personal Information is not handled beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use without first obtaining consent from the individual in question.

Provision to External Service Providers

LSII may outsource the handling of Personal Information to external service providers, including Group companies, within the scope of the purpose of use, in order to provide better services. In such cases, LSII will select service providers that handle and manage Personal Information in an appropriate manner.

Provision to Third Parties

Except in cases stipulated by law, regulations or related standards, LSII will not provide Personal Information to third parties without the consent of the individual in question or without obtaining consent from the individual in question via our business partners, etc.

Secure Management

LSII will take measures to prevent and rectify any leaks, loss or damage to Personal Information LSII handles in the course of our business by improving security measures from facility/equipment, system and operational perspectives.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Related Standards
LSII will comply with laws, regulations, guidelines and other standards established by the government concerning the handling of Personal Information.

Responding to Complaints and Inquiries
LSII will establish a point of contact for responding to complaints and inquiries concerning our handling of Personal Information and our Personal Information protection management system.*

Ongoing Improvements to Our Management System
LSII will establish, implement, continuously review and improve its management system for the protection of Personal Information.
*This management system includes a policy, framework and plans to protect Personal Information, as well as implementation, inspection and reviews thereof.

Seiichi KisoPresident & Chief Executive Officer

Life Science Institute, Inc.

Enacted: February 1, 2016
Revised: October 1, 2016

Personal Information Purposes of Use and Handling of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

LSII shall thoroughly familiarize our employees and related parties with the need to protect personal information entrusted to us pursuant to our Personal Information Protection Policy, and LSII shall handle personal information as follows:

Personal Information Purposes of Use

Personal Information LSII acquires will be used in the following:

  1. Activities related to tests and analysis, including medical and clinical tests
  2. Activities related to tests and analysis of food products, additives, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals, etc.
  3. Activities related to medical-related services and health services
  4. Activities related to the research and development of reparative medicine and the manufacture, sale, import and export of reparative medicine products
  5. Activities related to medical, welfare and nursing care services
  6. Activities related to our software business, content distribution, information processing and provision services, and other information services
  7. Activities related to personnel affairs involving job applicants and activities related to employee management after hiring

LSII may anonymize entrusted Personal Information so that individuals cannot be identified and use it in quality control activities and conference presentations.

Please note that LSII may record conversations that include Personal Information in order to accurately grasp and respond to telephone inquiries, etc.

Handling of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure and Point of Contact for Complaints and Inquiries

Handling of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure
Personal Information on employees and job applicants subject to disclosure shall only be used to the extent necessary for personnel affairs.
Personal Information shall only be used to the extent necessary to respond to requests when an individual requests notification and disclosure of the purposes of use, correction, addition or deletion of content, suspension and removal of use and suspension of provision to third parties (“Disclosure, etc.”).
Please reach out to the “Point of Contact for Complaints and Inquiries Related to the Handling of Personal Information” to request Disclosure, etc. However, the medical institution, etc. to which you entrusted your Personal Information is responsible for disclosing Personal Information entrusted to LSII and should be contacted directly.

Point of Contact for Complaints and Inquiries Related to the Handling of Personal Information
Contact details:

Internal Control Promotion Division, Life Science Institute, Inc.
1-13-4 Uchi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan
E-mail: LSII-HO-Privacy@cc.lsii.co.jp

Personal Information Protection Officer
Officer Responsible for General Affairs and Human Resources, Life Science Institute, Inc.
E-mail: LSII-HO-Privacy@cc.lsii.co.jp