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Good health not only enriches our lives, but it is also valuable to society in the face of the aging population and a decline in the birthrate. We, at Life Science Institute, Inc., are aware of our responsibilities and take pride with regard to our role in achieving a value-added, healthy society, as a partner of all the people with and without illness hoping for good health. We seek individuals who opt to develop such a sense of responsibility and pride and improve themselves while they work in the healthcare field where high ethical standards are essential. We welcome such candidates regardless of their academic backgrounds, place of origin or age.

Life Science Institute, Inc. is a new company that has just been launched. Employees and executives are accepting many bold challenges as a new comer. At this moment, the power of young people is particularly important. We look forward to having new team members who are willing to take on a challenge together.

President & Chief Executive Officer
Seiichi Kiso

President & Chief Executive Officer Seiichi Kiso

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