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Environment and Safety Policy

Basic Concept of Environment and Safety

The Life Science Institute Group aims to be a corporate group that is trusted, respected and cherished by all stakeholders, including customers, society, environment and employees, and that contributes to the creation of a society in which people can lead healthy and comfortable lives.
We consider that protecting the environment and ensuring safety are corporate social responsibilities.
Consequently, we will make proactive and continuous efforts in safety, disaster prevention, occupational health and safety and environmental protection for the lifecycles of all of our products and services as well as in our corporate activities.

Environment and Safety Policy

  1. We will place priority on safety in every aspect of our corporate activities and prevent occupational accidents.
  2. We will maintain zero occupational accidents and zero occupational injuries by identifying and controlling hazardous factors that affect safety.
  3. We will evaluate the environmental impact and continuously reduce the environmental load.
  4. We will comply with laws and regulations related to environment and safety, develop control standards in accordance with related laws and regulations and improve the level of the standards.
  5. We will give consideration to all products, raw materials and other items handled by us that may affect the environment, safety and health and we shall continually mitigate risks.

Seiichi KisoPresident & Chief Executive Officer

Life Science Institute, Inc.

February 1, 2021