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This Website provides general information on LSII, LSII Group companies (collectively, the “LSII Group”), our products and more. As a result, the information provided on this Website is not intended to be medical or nutritional advice or to promote or advertise the benefits and effects of LSII Group products. This Website is not intended to be a substitute for consulting with a doctor, pharmacist or other medical professional. Please contact LSII directly to request specific advice or instructions on LSII Group products or services.

Prohibited Acts

Trademarks, trade names, logos and trade dress (product appearance, designs, etc.) related to the LSII Group displayed on this Website are protected by industrial property rights laws and other laws.
The content of documents, photographs, illustrations and other materials on this Website are protected by copyright laws and other applicable laws of each country. Such content may only be copied, downloaded or printed when the following conditions have been met, and as permitted by law for personal use or in quotations, etc.:

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Use of content that violates the conditions stated above is not permitted.

Linking to the LSII Website

When linking to this Website, please only link to the homepage, as we may alter or delete other page URLs without notice.
If you wish to link to this Website, prior consent must be obtained by contacting LSII using the form below and stating your name, telephone number, email address, linked website operator identification, linked website URL, the purpose of the link and the date when the link will go live.

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LSII may refuse links from websites that are deemed to violate public order and morals, contain slanderous or defamatory material, or that are potentially detrimental to the LSII Group’s business or reputation.
LSII shall not be liable for websites that link to this Website.

Links to Other Websites

This Website may include links to other websites that are not operated by LSII. Please read the Terms and Conditions for respective linked websites before visiting them. LSII shall not be liable for any content on other websites or for loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of using other websites.

Communication by Email and Other Means

LSII is under no obligation to respond to inquiries made by email or through forms on this Website.
In principle, we do not accept original ideas, unsolicited specific proposals (ideas, memos, drawings, concepts, etc., related to LSII's new products, technologies, designs, marketing, etc.) or related materials from the public through this Website.
LSII is under no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of questions, comments, proposals or related documents, etc. presented to LSII through this Website, and LSII assumes no liability whatsoever for such information.
The LSII Group assumes no liability whatsoever, including payment of compensation, to proposal submitters in the unlikely event that the LSII Group adopts an idea that is identical or similar in whole or in part to a submitted proposal.

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Handling of Personal Information

Please read our Personal Information Protection Policy using the link below.
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LSII may make additions, alterations or deletions to the structure of this Website, these Terms and Conditions, URLs and content, etc. without notice.

While LSII makes reasonable effort to post current and accurate information on this Website, LSII assumes no liability or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy or completeness of such information.

Visitors to this Website agree to use this site at their own risk, and LSII shall not be liable for damage resulting from using or accessing this Website or websites linked to this Website, or for any damage resulting from any errors or omissions in the information or content of such websites.

This Website is provided as a service to visitors and LSII reserves the right to delete, modify or add Website content at any time and for any reason, without notice, and shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from such modifications.

Users are responsible for taking measures to prevent computer viruses and malware from infecting their computers when visiting this Website for personal use.

Except when there is gross negligence on the part of LSII, LSII shall not be held liable for any damage to users caused by personal information that is stolen or leaked by a malicious third party.

These Terms and Conditions may be revised without notice. Please refer back to this page occasionally for the latest information.

Social Media Disclaimer

Information posted on social media by LSII Group employees does not represent the official position of the LSII Group. Please refer to this Website for official information.

Governing Law

The use of this Website and the interpretation and application of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified.

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